Audi 100 C1 @chris_f104
Pictures by @hanneshinrichs
Interview & design by Martin van Meerbeke

Audi 100 C1

Audi 100 C1

Hello !

My name is Chris. I‘m 23 years old and come from Germany.
At the beginning I had an Audi A3 which I drove 2 years before I decided to buy an oldtimer.
I was searching on many platforms for different cars, and thought the Audi 100 was the perfect car for me.

AUDI 100 C1
1,8 L
Steelies with whitewall

“I have driven the car around 7000 km in 2 years till now and most of the time I drive with friends to carmeets, enjoy it while driving and at the meet.” 

Best Event :

(GTI) Wörthersee
Tief im Wald

Best Car :

“There are to much beautiful Cars that I can‘t say one… But for example the Mercedes 190SL and Porsche 912”

Worst momory :

“2 days before Wörthersee 2019 after an half year of so much work the Airride was broken down.”

Through this passion I was able to acquire new knowledge in mechanics and meet a lot of people, so to all of those who would like to start modifying cars, I have a little advice for you,
don’t listen to all these people who tell you to not start into this!
I am very proud that I have so much nice people around me beginning from my best friend, his father, my girlfriend and so much other good friends who helped me out when I need help.

For me every car could be a good project base. Its not important how the condition is or what car it is, it’s what you make out of it !
I get my inspiration from social media platforms, YouTube, and still driving the car and thinking about what can I change and what can I make better.
I think the next step for my car are new wheels and change some small parts.



The beautiful pictures from my car are made by Hannes Hinrichs. Thanks so much dude!
He has written to me june 2019 that he want to make some pictures of my ‚schokoschätzchen‘, I directly said yes and so we met us in August 19 and so he made them.

Pictures by @hanneshinrichs
Interview & design by Martin van Meerbeke