French RWB #3 « Bordeaux » & #4 « Cognac »

Our latest video on our youtube channel about the french RWB in Bordeaux and Cognac.

Second opportunity to see new RWB builds, and 2 at the same time! It’s still so impressive to watch Nakai San making those cars faster and faster, he make 2 builds in 3 days now. I wanted to try a shorter video, the first one showed you all the steps and details about a build, now it’s more about the result. That’s why all the build is filmed by hand in slowmo to bring something different to the film.

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Musics used: Ambient Endeavors & Steven Sayles – Always Straight Ahead…

Mayten – Overdose

Husky – Obey (Kayoh Remix)…

Filmed and edited by: Martin van Meerbeke

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